"Meeting Lisboa", CCB Lisbon, March 2015

Palser sponsored Meeting Lisboa, in an event called "Se a Felicidade não existe então o que é a vida?" (If happiness doesn’t exist, what is life then?). Meeting Lisboa is a cultural event with exhibitions, concerts, conferences and meetings which express the singular reality of the Portuguese cultural panorama.

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"Startup Pirates" Sertã, March 2015

Startup Pirates is an acceleration program for potential entrepreneurs, which aims to put young people in touch with the world of entrepreneurship. Palser sponsored this project in the edition held in Sertã.

Palser supports the production of the film "Capitão Falcão", October 2014

Palser supported the production of the feature film “Capitão Falcão”, a Portuguese project directed by João Leitão.

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Tabor - Centro Jovem, October 2014

Palser gave away pallets for the young people at Centro Jovem Tabor to produce furniture for their living room. Centro Jovem Tabor is locate in Palmela and is a social solidarity institution that helps children and young people who are at social risk situations.

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ENplus-A1 Certification, September 2014

Palser obtained certification for the production of D6mm wood pellets, Enplus-A1 class.

Festival de Cerveja Artesanal in Sertã – PROVART, August 2014

Palser sponsored Festival de Cerveja Artesanal - PROVART in Sertã.

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Participation in Greenfest, October 2013

Palser participated in the 6th edition of Greenfest, held at the Estoril Congress Centre and in Fiartil. This is the biggest event about sustainability in the country.

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Palser supports the stage set for the theatre show: "Conversas Depois de um Enterro", April 2013

Palser supported the stage set for the theatre show, "Conversas Depois de um Enterro", in Lisbon. Text by Yasmina Reza and staging by Renato Godinho.

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Support to Concurso Nacional de Leitura (National Reading Competition), April 2013

Palser contributed to the organization of the district final of the National Reading Competition 2013, promoted by the National Reading Plan, in Sertã.

Palser support for “Felizmente há a Arte (Thank goodness for Art)” in Twin Towers Galleries February 2013

Palser supported the “Felizmente há a Arte” event organised and promoted by the CPS-Portuguese Centre for Screen Printing in the Twin Towers Galleries in Lisbon.

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Palser at the "Pet Festival" at FIL February 2013

Palser supported, for the second year in a row, the event "Pet Festival" at FIL (International Fair of Lisbon).

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Palser in the top 25 by district November 2012

For several consecutive years, Palser has been among the “Top 25 Best Companies in the Castelo Branco District”, prepared by Coface consultancy, for Invest magazine.

Palser sponsors Lisbon Design Show at FIL (Lisbon International Fair) October 2012

Exhibition stands, business conference spaces and a lounge were built using Palser pallets.

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FSC and PEFC Certified January 2012

Palser certified their Chain of Custody with certification systems: the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

Palser supports the stage for a Theatre in Palmela August 2011

Palser has supported, for the third year in a row, the community event "Pino de Verão", held by Teatro Bando, which combines theatre, music and poetry. A seasonal show which takes place on the slope of the castle of Palmela and used Palser pallets as a stage set.

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Supporting Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta August 2011

On August 14th, Sertã was the finish line of the 9th leg of the 73rd edition of Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta. Palser supported this initiative by Sertã's City Council, and the results were very positive for the region.

The city council, cooperating with Palser, built a giant bike made of wood pallets. It was placed in a roundabout at Sertã's entrance and volunteers gave the bicycle movement.

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Palser Pallets in Peso Pesado May 2011

Palser's pallets supported the two editions of the SIC television programme, Biggest Loser, produced by FremantleMedia Portugal and presented by Julia Pinheiro and Barbara Guimarães.

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Merger of Recupser July 6th, 2011

On June 30th 2011 the merger process that led to the incorporation of Recupser in Palser was concluded.

A single brand: PALSER

Palser with the arts April 18th, 2011

Palser supports the art gallery exhibition "Arte Comtempo", in Lisbon, whose objective is to disseminate contemporary culture. Pedro Valdez Cardoso is the artist of this exhibition which addresses multiculturalism.

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PALSER Group receives an international award April 7th, 2011

The Palser group was recognized by the Gold Mercury Sustainability Awards 2010, in the Energy category, as the "Best energy project".

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Palser pallets on TV July 2009

CBV Television Productions created a new set for the program “Catch me if you can”, at TVI, presented by José Pedro Vasconcelos. Palser has made its contribution to this project by providing the pallets that have flavoured the program.

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News Archive

Diário de Notícias – Empresas Excelentes, May 2014

Palser and Pinhoser in 1500 SME Excellence, 2014

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Garbage that provides light

Rita and Tiago were Visão Júnior's reporters.

Source: Visão Júnior, Nº78, November 2010, by Sara Sá

Young Reporters for the Environment were awarded with a visit to the Forest Biomass Thermal Power Station to understand the way it works November 26th, 2010

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international program involving several countries, and geared toward students. A project in which youngsters investigate, report and communicate, promoting exchange. These reporters were in Sertã and the visit to our Plant was part of the tour.

Palser joined the Plantar Portugal Movement which held the "National Reforestation Week" November, 2010

Plantar Portugal is a national movement which aims to further environmental education in our country. Given the importance of this project, Palser supported this movement on November 24th, 2010.

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Visit of the President of the Republic to Palser 6 February, 2010

On the 6th of February, 2010 we had the honour of a visit from our President, Prof. Dr. Anibal Cavaco Silva. Under the motto "Forest: preservation and innovation" he came to visit our Forest Biomass Thermo electrical Central, in our facilities in Sertã.

Source: A Comarca da Sertã, 12.02.2010, by João Miguel
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Dusseldorf Pallets November, 2009

Because we are always worried about our customers' satisfaction we have established facilities and started production of Dusseldorf pallets.

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Fire fighters of Sertã are a proud of the district

Source: Jornal Reconquista, 03.09.2009, by Cristina Mota Saraiva
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Palser takes on bioenergy production

Source: Diário Económico, 24.07.2009, by Carlos Caldeira

The best by district

The best 25 companies of each district of central Portugal won INVEST 2009 trophies and PALSER was one of them.

Source: Magazine Invest nº 54, Julho 2009

Forest Vocation

Source: Diário de Notícias, 29.02.2008, Report by BES

“Gazeta do Interior” magazine celebrated with an awards dinner

Source: Expresso do Pinhal, 18.07.2007

Biomass plants awarded

Source: Jornal de Negócios, 16.03.2007, by Tânia Ferreira and Maria João Babo

Biomass contest for 100MW of power closes with 39 applications

Source: Jornal de Negócios, 20.09.2006, by Tânia Ferreira

Plan for Success, Historical Visit

Source: A Comarca da Sertã, 05.05.2000
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