Reusable Wood Pallets: carbon advantage

"The use and reuse of wood pallets allows to establish a negative value in CO2 emissions. (...)"

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Source: Magazine Revipack, Nº213, July 2012, page 12

Benefits of Timber

“Wood is a natural and renewable resource. As it grows, it stores CO2 from the atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen…”

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Source: “Packaging from Nature”

Facts & Figures

“In Europe, over 25 million cubic metres of timber are used every year in pallets and packaging…”

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Source: “Packaging from Nature”

Wood in sustainable development

“Results of the International Conference on Carbon Storage in Wood Products in Brussels, on the 1st of September of 2009”

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Source: CEI-Bois, September 2009

Wooden packaging as hygienic as plastic

“There are no significant differences in terms of contamination by microbes between wooden and plastic packages used in the packaging of horticultural products. The lack of cleanliness before reuse is the main cause of contamination...”

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Source: Frutas, Legumes e Flores Magazine, nº 103 – November/December 2008

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