Grupo Palser - Investimentos, S.A.

The Palser group was founded in 1984 and is mainly involved in the forestry sector. It began with two workers who had the opportunity to buy a small sawmill, to which they had been subcontracting the sawing of logs. It pursues its main activities, sawing, pallets and wooden package manufacture and recovery, in three plants.

The first company to begin operations was Pinhoser in 1984. This company is located in Cumeada, in the municipality of Sertã municipality and its main business is pine sawing. Palser, organized in 1990, in Sertã, is dedicated to manufacturing pallets, platforms and wooden packaging. The group's third endeavour was Recupser in 1997, in Palmela, with the original purpose of recovering and selling used pallets, but after a few years it also began to manufacture new pallets and produce lumber. In 2011, by a merger process, Recupser was incorporated in Palser, forming a single company, thus becoming a subsidiary of Palser in Palmela.

In 2010, Palser finished the construction of a Forest Biomass Thermal Power Station in Sertã, starting electricity production to be fed to the public electricity distribution system. It began producing wood pellets in late 2013 and Thermo-treated Wood at the end of 2014.

Besides owning stock and carrying out various investments, Palser – Investimentos, S.A. is responsible for the management of the member companies.

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