Palser group manufactures pallets, platforms and wooden package using several lines of automatic nailing. This modern production equipment is highly advanced and can easily adapt itself to the customer’s demands. It produces several kinds of products, which makes it possible to have above average productivity for the sectors and products of undeniable quality.

We also manufacture sawn pine, rough sawn pine dried in a glasshouse, with sanding option, thermo-treated wood, wood pellets, woodchips, bark and sawdust. At the same time we market used pallets.

We work on demand, mainly in large quantities that allow a high series production, the final production being made according to each customer’s demands. Furthermore, the Palser group manufactures in accordance with international directives, which makes it possible for their products to be worldwide in scale.

The gamble on the quality of the manufactured products was always one of this group’s differentiating factors, which allows the company to develop its customer loyalty.




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