Mission, Vision, Environmental and Social Responsibility


To provide efficient packaging solutions in a competitive way and to be the partner of choice for our customers, achieving positive and lasting partnerships.


To strengthen a leading position in the industry of which it is a part, through quality, improvement, innovation of products and services orientation, investing in technology and knowledge, with the constant goal of meeting the expectations and needs of our customers.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Palser has sought to develop its business in a sustainable manner. A company predominantly focused on the sector of forestry, could not help but worry about the forest. It has plots of land that it organizes, attends to, cleans and reforests, raising awareness in the public for those practices. To achieve a clean and well attended forest, and in order to fight some of the dangers of fire and pest attacks, we should all be responsible and aware.

In the social sphere, Palser has been involved in various activities to support local development; it supports various organizations such as schools, sports associations, cultural associations, fire brigades and scouts. It respects the rights of its employees and provides good working conditions. The welfare of its employees is an important pillar for the development of the company.

Palser acts responsibly in society and is aware of its role in the environment, thus contributing to sustainable development.

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