Wood Pallets

100% natural fuel
Palser provides pellets in the following formats:

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Important Concepts

What are pellets
Wood pellets are a 100% natural fuel, produced from sawdust of fresh pine. The sawdust is subjected to a drying process and, subsequently these particles are pressed to form pellets. The final product are cylindrical pellets with 6 to 8 mm in diameter, extremely dense and with low moisture content, which allows burning with high heat efficiency.

- 100% Natural Fuel;
- Practical, convenient and efficient use;
- Easy and Safe Storage;
- The combustion is more efficient and letts out much less smoke than normal wood;
- Drying at low temperature;
- Palser uses as raw material waste from sawmills by avoiding cutting of trees for the production of pellets.

Some technical characteristics
Diameter 6 or 8mm
Humidity < 10%
Ash content < 0,7%
Apparent density > 600 Kg/m3
Heating Power 16,5 MJ/Kg ≤ Q ≤ 19 MK/Kg

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