Palser - Bioenergia e Paletes, Lda

From what we know about the forestry industry we have come to the conclusion that there is a growing need for wooden pallets, which translates to a business opportunity. In Portugal, this market was almost non-existent. People carried products out themselves. The demand for pallets only arises in developed markets and as a consequence of industry growing and subsequent warehouse automation. In addition to the huge range of potential customers, Pinhoser, the first company in the group, was able to contribute to the sawn wood supply.

In 1990, Palser was set up with the name Palser – Paletes da Sertã, Lda, with a share capital of 4.987,98 €. It began operations in Sertã, among the suppliers of the main raw material, lumber. Since the beginning of operations, this company gambled on a process of pallet manufacturing that was as automated as possible, in order to get good productivity and quality levels, making the company one of the most advanced and competitive in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Since September 2000, Palser is a company certified by S.G.S. according to the Directive NP EN ISO 9001:2015 (for the manufacture and commercialization of pallets, Wood Packaging, Sawn Wood, Woodchip, Sawdust and Bark. Manufacture of pellets. Manufacture of wood composite blocks) something that has improved the company at all levels. In 2007 Palser has won the contest to build a forest biomass hydropower plant in the districts of Castelo Branco and Coimbra capable of up to 3MVA. In March 2008 its commercial name was changed to Palser – Bioenergia e Paletes, Lda and it began producing electricity in early 2010.

On June 30th 2011 a merger process was completed which led to the incorporation of Recupser - Indústria e Recuperação de Paletes, Lda in Palser.

Recupser, a company that was part of the Palser Group, founded in 1997 with the objective of selling, repairing and recycling pallets, began to grow, and at the time of the merger, beyond its original activities, was also involved in activities related to the wood sawmill industry and pallets and wood packaging manufacturing . With the merger, all previous activities are maintained as well as the manufacturing facilities of Sertã and Palmela, with Palser assuming all rights and obligations of the former Recupser.

This integration aims to provide a single quality brand, with a bigger reputation, dimension and know-how, which will allow the company to grow and create advantages for all those who work with us.

It began producing wood pellets in late 2013 and Thermo-treated Wood at the end of 2014.

Currently, Palser, with two manufacturing facilities in Palmela and Sertã, has 190 employees and has a share capital of 5.800.000 Euros. The manufacturing area in Sertã has 85.000m² and in Palmela 79.000m², of which 20.000m² are occupied by buildings in Sertã and 7.000m² in Palmela. Palser will continue to work in order to grow, invest, innovate and diversify so as to give customers more and better satisfaction. The quality of the manufactured and commercialized products has been winning increasingly more demanding customers, a fact that stimulates Palser´s development and places the company in a prominent position.

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