Thermo-treated wood

Thermo-treated wood
Thermo-treated wood
Round Wooden Posts
Round Wooden Posts




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Important Concepts

Thermo-treated Wood
Thermo-treated wood is a wood that is subjected to a heat treatment at high temperatures. This process uses only steam and heat, no chemical product is applied, making this a natural product. This treatment has a permanent effect on the properties of wood, thus granting many qualities of duration and isolation, the biggest disadvantage being the loss of resistance. The wood remains with a “burnt” and dark tone, a homogeneous colour and the natural vein of the wood stands out.

The thermo-treated wood can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as decks, terraces, façade cladding, garden furniture, poles, land fencing, saunas and bathrooms.

Greater durability;
Keeps its shape and size;
Color uniformity;
100% Natural Process, No chemical products;
Harder Surface;
Wood becomes lighter.

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