Transportation with its own fleet

Palser has its own fleet, which assures a more complete, fast and flexible service to the customer. Having its own fleet translates to customers’ satisfaction where deliveries are concerned, and it has contributed to their loyalty.

Our fleet will come to the customer anywhere in the Iberian territory.

Pallet Repair

We replace the damaged components, making it possible to use them several times and reintegrate them in new market circuits.


In some areas it is in advantage to distinguish one’s own pallets from others. The customer chooses the colour and type of ink and the painting is done on the pallet’s sides.

Palser recommends a special paint for wood since an ordinary paint on a natural product may not have the expected result.

Drying and Heat Treatment

Due to the detections of Pine Wood Nematode, it is mandatory to submit pallets and wooden packaging to a thermal shock and to label them, according to the Directive ISPM 15. Given this new situation, Palser will be able to give the proper treatment to our customers´ oldest pallets and wooden packaging. The same glasshouses are used for the phytosanitary treatment and for product drying.

In some areas, drying is an essential activity. Our glasshouses do the whole drying process in an automatic, continuous and controlled way. All group companies are equipped with glasshouses in order to assure quick service and meet the customers needs.

Customer advice

Together with its customers, Palser develops products according to their needs. In order to do so, they use drawing software and their experience in the area. They offer solutions to reduce customer costs that allow growth and efficiency in the manufacture of its products.

We have a commercial team willing to help your company, in the development and choice of the best solution for your business and that is at your disposal for any information or questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will have the best solution and price.




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